Our Purpose & Philosophy


At Dove Holistic Dental Centre our purpose is to promote wellbeing. Wellbeing is important to us all, but it is, however more than just a fluffy word for feeling happy.

For us at DHDC wellbeing is a dynamic and active process of change and growth, that helps us support and care for each other, our patients, our community and the also our environment.

To support our purpose of promoting wellbeing, we have adopted the following three philosophies to act as guiding principles:


Life-long learning and change
so that we make a positive contribution to our patients’ oral health

to appreciate the relationship that exists between us as a team, the relationship between our patients and us, between our community and us, and finally between the practice and the environment

so that we may mitigate our impact on the environment, have a positive social impact on the local community and remain financially viable so that we may continue making a positive contribution