Our Commitment


Everyone at Dove Holistic Dental Centre is committed to the following:

  • We will ensure patients know what is being done and why it is being done.
  • We practice using the most appropriate procedures.
  • We will fully involve patients in decisions regarding their ongoing dental care and dental treatment.
  • We are committed to transparent and effective communication regarding your oral health.
  • We will ensure both the dentist and practice team are up to date with the latest patient care techniques.
  • We care what our patients feel and think about the practice and so will listen and act upon their views and opinions.
  • We are committed to opening our practice and procedures to regular independent monitoring and will act upon the results.

And what we would like from you:

  • We will always endeavour to exceed your expectations, but if we fall short, please talk to us.
  • Please give us at least 24 hours notice when cancelling, changing or moving an appointment.
  • We don’t like doing it, but for patients who consistently miss appointments, an acceptance that charges will be levied.
  • To treat our team with courtesy.
  • Not to keep us a secret as most of our new patients come from personal recommendations. Please let your family and friends know about us.